Wednesday, January 10, 2007

SA revisited (kinda)

A year ago I landed in Pretoria, South Africa. This photo, taken on the flight from Atlanta to Johannesberg, was the first one of many. Far from being sentimental, I do, however, believe that revisiting important and meaningful life moments provides ongoing enrichment and helps me not to forget precious and life-changing lessons.

One of the major ways that Africa changed me was regarding security and safety. Neither of those is taken for granted there. While I was in South Africa, close friends of the family I stayed with had an encouter with armed men. In the year since I returned to Canada, nearly everyone I know there has been a victim to some attempt at violence or burglary. Part of my ongoing commitment has been to pray for the safety of these dear ones in a dangerous part of the world. The other part was re-echoed last night in a book I am reading: "The greatest moment of your life is now...This moment is God's irreplaceable gift to you. Most of all, this is the moment that matters because this moment is where God is. If you are going to be with God at all, you must be with him now - in this moment." from John Ortberg's God Is Closer Than You Think.

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Yzerfontein said...

I guess an advantage of staying in South Africa is one always feels close to death. I see you took SAA on your flight to South Africa.

Jeffrey said...

Is that like a wing tip or something? It looks photoshopped though.

Matte Downey said...

It is indeed the wingtip of the the South Africa Airways plane I was on and that is their insignia. I took this photo from my seat just after we left Atlanta and for your information, all the photos I post on this blog are unedited. It was just that clear and colourful!