Monday, January 15, 2007

not snow, please

It snowed about a foot today and the snow plow that cleans my street likes to dump most of what he collects on his route in front of my driveway because I am at the end of the street and okay, yes, I have a paranoia about him not being very nice to me because I complained about him not clearing in front of my house last year.
So, it is 10:30 pm and I need to shovel my driveway in order to be able to get to French class tomorrow morning and Dean just left this morning for his annual business trip to LA (what timing!). I would much rather just make some popcorn and watch tv or read a book and I really cannot bear to put up a picture of anything with snow in it, so join me in sighing and staring at this lovely picture that I took just over a year ago in Punta Cana (that's the Dominican Republic). Sometimes it is hard to believe that the best moment of your life is NOW.

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