Tuesday, January 09, 2007

click - SURPRISE!

After confessing to being a minimalist, I thought I had better show you something that illustrates that, so look left now. If you use a digital camera, you will know that the timing can be tricky as the delay between pressing the button and the shutter actually engaging is somewhere between 0 and 20,000 seconds, depending on the make and model, the settings, the temperature, the auto focus, the flash, the zoom, the juice left in the batteries, the strength of your index finger, what you ate for breakfast, in how much of a hurry you are, and in what tone of voice you have addressed said fickle, often finicky, and obviously female, camera.

We were in Niagara Falls (Canadian side, of course) on November 24, 2006 and as is common around the falls, there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky that day. I simply looked up, pointed and clicked, and when I later viewed the photo, was surprised to see a seagull in the corner. All I can say is, I got more than I asked for and it had very little to do with my skill and way more to do with God's timing! Sometimes I think the best spiritual gift one could have is being in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

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