Friday, January 19, 2007


I am not a big flower fan (I prefer sky and general foliage), but I do like colour and flowers have some of the most amazingly bright and variegated naturally occuring colour palettes . These pictures were taken in a park a few minutes from the condo where we used to live in Ile Perrot. It is a small park with most of the space taken up by children's climbing apparatuses and swings and only a few flower beds that at times seem a bit neglected, but beauty does not need incredible surroundings in order to be found; in fact, one most often finds it in the midst of the ordinary. You only have to look. A cool exercise I read in one photography book was to take your camera, pick a space 3 metres by 3 metres in your back yard or anywhere ordinary, and find a beautiful picture in it. A good life exercise as well. Let me look for the beauty in every day, every moment, every location, every person.

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