Monday, January 08, 2007

colourCOLOUR and bravery

This was taken in Peggy's Cove on August 3, 2006. Though small and rocky, the natural seaside beauty of this town is mind-blowing. Warning! Don't try to use this picture as your desktop as it is way too busy and your icons will just disappear in the clutter and eyestrain is sure to ensue (personal experience talking here).

I love this photo because it is a departure from my usual penchant for simple composition and one, or if I am feeling brave, two strong elements, yet it is by no means confusing. Yes to bravery, yes to colour, yes to beautiful, lush almost chaotic extravagance, yes to more than I am used to, yes to trying seafood, yes to overcoming my fear of water and yes to seeing with wider and wiser eyes.

1 comment:

nakedpastor said...

beautiful photo. i'm like you i think in that i like minimalistic, limited palette stuff. take risks!