Thursday, May 24, 2007

one day

I was away all day yesterday at a leadership seminar and by the time I got home, several things had changed. Where there were no flowers before, this dark violet iris now bloomed. And where there was life, it ceased to exist as one of Dean's childhood friends died. It is amazing how much can change in one day.

Though usually life moves at a rather sedate pace as day after day turns into year after year and the young become old, there are times when changes happen suddenly and you find yourself surprised and somewhat unprepared for the abruptness of it.

I just started to read the book of Job this week. He says, "We take the good days from God - why not also the bad days?" Dean is flying out for a few days to attend the funeral in Manitoba and say a few words at the service. I don't know what to say or even how to pray in these situations for death is a confounding thing, but this is the kind of thing that Jesus specialised in: not alleviating all our suffering, but bringing resurrection when all hope is gone. Jesus, bring resurrection. You are our only hope.

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