Saturday, May 19, 2007

ferguson thoughts

Random Saturday night thoughts having very little to do with this picture of a Ferguson tractor at Finnegan's market this morning:
Tired. Watering the lawn while I type this, moving the sprinklers every 30 minutes. Got home at 2 am this morning after partying with friends for Dean's birthday: ribs, bowling, DDR, air hockey, and other amusements. Woke up way too early to feed the cats and never went back to sleep for some silly reason. Feel like I need some time to think and pray and listen and not be driving somewhere in the car - its been that kind of a week where all the activities clump together. My watering permit runs out tomorrow. Yeah and boo. I don't like the watering ritual, but I also want the new seeds to grow big and strong. I trust God with my lawn. Pizza tastes very good if you have not had it in a long time. I can't imagine living with a king husband like Esther did and you can only go see him when he calls you. Isn't the point of being family the togetherness of life? Not alone, not alone. I am not alone. There is someone in my bed pretty much every night, there is someone I can always call or talk to and hey, some people like to spend time with me. Smile on my face. I am very full of food and drink. 7 more minutes till I move the next sprinkler. Blink.

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shane magee said...

esther's a problem for me. i once spent 3 months studying it trying to see why it was in scripture (of course there's the "for such a time as this" straw every evangelical clings desperately to, but it's not enough. ultimately esther prostitutes herself to save her people. and presumably the outcome would have been very different had she been homely in appearance!

it's a problem!