Thursday, May 03, 2007


This is a picture of Tea's back paws and her tail that I took today.
Yesterday a friend talked to me about being healed of her allergy to milk. I got really excited about that because not only do I have way too many friends that suffer from this (including my husband), there is another allergy that I wish everyone could be free from in order that they could spend more time at my house: an allergy to cats.
This morning on my way to my last French class of the semester (yay!) I remembered that a girl who used to live with us was healed of her allergy to cats when she moved into our house.
Yes, I reminded myself, God can and does heal these things. A few of us have been talking at church for awhile about wanting to see God heal allergies and when I received the news from my friend this week, I pumped her for information. What were the keys or steps to her getting healed? She gave me a very interesting answer. She said that the first thing she had to do was stop "owning" the sickness/malady and this is evident in the way we speak about these things: "my allergies are acting up, my migraine is so bad today, etc. That really struck me. I also am prone to make illness or weakness part of my identity when it is in my body and thus, render my prayers void when I ask God to take it away while firmly holding onto it as a part of me.
What things do I truly want to be "mine?" Everything else, may I let it go.

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