Monday, April 02, 2007


I spoke at church last night about TRUST. It is not an easy or instant thing to trust someone, especially God. You have to get to know them, and as you do, you can trust them more.

Last week I felt God challenge me on trusting Him with my time. There are many things I like to do with my time and when someone or something threatens to take those away from me...well, I get protective of my time. And I know that whenever I get frustrated or annoyed or anxious about something being taken away from me, it is probably because I am in some way using it to fill some need instead of going to God - it is an area I have not given over to Him. The bottom line is, whose time is it anyway? Who has given me this life and every breath and every moment on earth? My time truly is His and the more I realise it, the more I will do the right things with my time instead of just the things I selfishly desire to do. Here are a few notes from my talk last night...

What happens when I don’t trust God?
– He will appear untrustworthy
– When I try to “help” God instead of trusting God, I sabotage His care for me
– I end up opposing what He is doing in my life instead of co-operating with Him and things become difficult
– I get tired
– I do not accept discipline or learn the lessons God has for me and thus, am not equipped for future tasks and responsibilities

When I do not trust God, I am trying to play by my own rules. This negates the rules of the kingdom of God that he has set in place to protect and prosper and grow me into everything I am supposed to be. I end up fighting against Him instead of co-operating with His incredible purposes for me.

What happens when do I trust God?
– I change my perspective: God takes me to His realm instead of my trying to fit Him into my realm
– I mature into my purpose
– I can be at peace; no stress
– Every day is an adventure

“I believe that God is good. No thought I have ever had of God is better than God actually is…I have never overestimated how good God is because God’s goodness overflows far beyond the limits of human understanding.” - Brian D. McLaren

This photo was taken in Guadalevaca in Cuba on March 18, 2007.

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Tobi Elliott said...

Matte, I love it when you speak (or write) at church, at home, wherever.. you challenge me and make me pause to think. Keep going! Your words have weight.