Wednesday, April 11, 2007

food to grow

I think I chose this picture for today because I am hungry, so let's make this blog a quick one so I can go eat lunch. This was taken at a New York Deli just off Times Square on April 7, 2007.

I have been thinking a lot about what exactly church is. I have many friends and online discussion acquaintances who admit they are disappointed at the state of the church today and have chosen not to be there anymore. They say they find fellowship in other places, like having dinner or coffee with good friends, being honest and real with each other about their states in life, and finding support and acceptance there that the church sadly does not offer. While it is great to have friends like that, is it church?

Last night I came up with a definition of church that so far seems to work when I look at the Scriptures and the words of Jesus: It is a community where I am being challenged to be a more mature disciple of Jesus and where I am making other people disciples of him as well. I think the trend in the contemporary Western church setting all too often is to forget about the deliberate maturing process that is supposed to be happening, and we become more of a social club where we are comfortable just being ourselves and stop at that. Disciples never stop until they are made into the image of Jesus and along the way, they make a point to pass on all the lessons they are learning so that others around them can mature and become people who serve others (leaders) and are living examples of Jesus as well.

Tell me your thoughts on what church really is. Just click on Comments below.

And now...LUNCH!


Anonymous said...

I thought I could comment on a definition of church, since no one else had. By the way, I do like your blog and the insights it gives me into your life. Your definition of church is quite good, but I'd add that it is a group that seeks to worship. And there are so many expressions of that. So maybe I'd sum it up by saying we are about worshipping [not just music] and learning as disciples.

Alexander said...
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Matte Downey said...

I would clarify that my definition of becoming a disciple of Jesus would include worship because Jesus always glorified the Father. Good point, nevertheless.