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the green

This picture I took 5 minutes ago of the bottom of my wheelbarrow outside is pretty much the greenest thing out there right now. The weather has finally turned warm but the brownness remains - one warm day does not qualify as a turnaround in seasons, it seems, or at least the plants don't see it that way.
I talked to one of my friends today who is just finishing up a degree that he started way too long ago. This afternoon I finished a book by a friend of mine that has taken me months to get through. Last night I got a letter from the government that finally opened up an avenue for sending funds to Africa which has been a process we began to pursue oh probably a year ago only to encounter many deadends. This morning I had a dream that Dean showed up with all the furniture pieces we needed to complete our house and guest rooms.
I do try to pay attention to the lessons that I believe God is trying to teach me, so here are the ones I am getting today:
1. Finish the things you have started; don't give up.
2. Don't be disheartened that results are not immediate but know that seasons are changing, things are moving forward and growing, and it just takes time for the fruit and beauty to be evident.
3. Stay on the path, don't change midcourse.
4. Everything you need will be there when you need it, don't worry about it ahead of time.
5. Finish one thing well before you move on to the next thing.
6. There is always some green; you just have to look for it.


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