Thursday, March 15, 2007


We are leaving for Cuba tomorrow at 6 am. I am trying to pack (are 6 books too many?) and finish up a few things I have to get done before we leave; this day has been a little too long on "to do's" and a little too short on sleep and food. Oh well, there are days like that and then, there are days like tomorrow. YES!
Leaving jobs and church responsibilities behind makes me realise that we too often work ourselves into positions where we seem almost indispensable, and we should instead be working to equip and enable and develop leaders that not only lead alongside us, but surpass us in many ways - who flourish and grow when we leave a gap instead of collapsing into it.
May there be much flourishing and thawing and growing this week in Montreal AND in Cuba.
This picture was taken on Christmas day a few years ago in Winkler, Manitoba.

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