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just for fun, just for Jaclyn

Jaclyn from Australia left this morning for Toronto. She had been living with us for 2 weeks and she was the most fun to have around. I very seldom meet someone who loves to do so many of the same things as I do, can be fun AND deep, and understands so many of my quirky ways and words, and in fact, spurs me on with her own antics! One of the wacky things we did one night was play a word game where you get five random letters in a row and you have to make up a sentence using one letter to begin each word. Here are some of our best and silliest sentences:

1. Bounce the chicken meat around.
2. Every cactus loves yelling, "Come!"
3. The toilet paper is all fun!
4. Crazy Jello builds wiggly you.
5. Married dogs electrify night skates.
6. Come shovel heavy fluff - interesting!
7. The eggs clapped for mom.
8. Green peanuts make everyone throw-up.
9. "Have fun," said chatty Edmund.
10. Drama has elephants, you cheap!
11. Gladly make nine avacado vacuums.

And if anyone is feeling the vibe, go ahead and make a sentence with the following letters as the beginning of each word: K D E W M. Post it in comments. Enjoy!

Jaclyn, I miss you already! No worries!


Ortiz4 said…
Kentucky Dungeons Enlighten White Men or Korean Dudes Eat White Meat or King David Established War Music or Kangaroos Did Eavesdrop With Maidservants... etc...

That's a fun game, you can sure come up with some whacky sentences... L8r John
Jaclyn the Aussie- mate! said…

Kites Do Eat Windy Mountains.

And they sure do. Those kites just love eating windy mountains.

I miss you already too Mazza!!
Good times.
Thanks again for having me, it was the best! You guys were such a blessing to me.
I will always remember my time spent with you with fond memories.
God bless you both :)
Jaclyn trh aussie- mate! said…
Oh, and btw, i do feel the vibe- it's strong in my heart.
Wow, what do you know, Jaclyn has been here, what a blessed site. I declare this blessed place fit to build.

Ok now KDEYM

Kut De Eggplant You Mental,

ok that was far too derogatory.
how about

Kanada Doesn't Eat Your Memories.

That is true of Jaclyn, she still remembers me good.

And seeings as i have an oppertunity to publically speak of that girl, i shall put in my two bobs worth.

Have you ever had one of those friends that you get along with better than any other, well thats Jaclyn to me.
If you have ever had a best friend that inspires you to be more than you are but yet appreciates and loves what you are, then you might have a taste of who she is.
Have you ever had a friend of the opposite sex that you always wanted to protect and do everything you can to see that they live the best life they possibly could in the sight of God. Well, welcome to my life.

Jaclyn, your amazing.

Matte, you better read this seeings as its your blog and all, thankyou so much to you and Dean for taking such good care of Jax, i love you guys, see you when im over there.

Peace out to all you internet homies.

Jaclyn the aussie- mate! said…
Kut de flippin' eggplants yourself man!!!
Jaclyn the aussie- mate! said…
And thank you for your lovely description of me.....
"Kanada" sure hasn't eaten my memories of you.
Talk to you tonight!
I LOVE YOU!!! (That's a pice of truth right there)

Oh, sorry Matte, this is your blog, not our love line....
my mistake!!

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