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10 random Friday things

1. I installed this new kitchen faucet today and think I did a pretty good job. No leaks (like the old faucet had developed), no personal injuries (despite power saws being in use), and no swearing (despite some rather frisky silicone sealant).

2. Today I finally decided that I am only 2 Diet Dr. Peppers away (all the stock I have in the fridge) from giving up aspartame. Sigh. I do love my fizzy drinks, though I know aspartame does my head and body no good. Any suggestions for alternatives? My friend recommended Club Soda, and I picked up some Orange Crush with sucralose. Taste tests to commence soon. I think I will have one now. Pop!

3. While driving home from Home Depot today, I took this picture. Now, I don't recommend photography while driving and I am sure the people behind me don't either, but the sky was amazingly grey and bright at the same time. Forgive the dirty windows but it somehow puts the wondrous sight in perspective.

4. Today's Lent exercise is to lie on the floor or get up on a table or counter and notice 5 things I usually don't see from my normal perspective. It is an exercise in seeing things in a new way and changing perspective.
5. Dean bought a new car today, or rather, made arrangements to lease it. His current car, which he inherited from some other guy at work, has been a source of aggravation to him as things started to go wrong in the last few years. I must say, its large interior and trunk will be missed (who knew you could fit 8 people into an Intrepid?).
6. Today I have eaten a bowl of cereal, 3 digestive cookies, and some Lays barbeque chips. I think it is time for a good supper.
7. I was majorly disappointed that something did not come in the mail today. I even checked the mailbox twice! Oh well, another lesson in trusting God's timing.
8. Someone called me ignorant on the debate forum I participate in online. That's a new adjective for me (I don't think I have ever been called that before) and I was surprised how little it affected me. God surely has done some major strengthening in my personality in the last few years. My response was that insults add nothing to the discussion and I left it at that.
9. I love Walmart. You can instantly print photos from your digital camera and they just pop into a tray right in front of you!
10. Now I only have one Diet Dr. Pepper left.


Jax said…
Nice faucet!!! Good job Mazza. Looks snazzy. How did you get the old one off?!
Matte Downey said…
Dean had to remove the old one for me as I just didn't have the physical strength to undo all those old joints (aside from one). And he likes to pull things apart more than put them together, so it worked out great!

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