Monday, April 14, 2008

comic relief

I called Dean at work this morning and asked him how things were going. He said he was shell-shocked (translation = things are overwhelming and out of control and there is more work than any one person can possibly manage). I really have no power to change his work situation, other than bring it before God every day and ask Him to rescue Dean, which I do. But perhaps I could do something right then. I said, "Hey, I need to provide you with a happy moment, some comic relief to make the day seem brighter," and then when I tried to come up with something, I blanked. Arghhhh, I couldn't think of one silly thing to say to make him laugh. Oh well. Nice thought, I guess.

This afternoon I was out running errands, the first one being at the bank. I pulled into the parking lot, briefly sat in the car and glanced over the mail I had picked up on my way there, checking to see if anyone had sent me a cheque for $1,111,000 but alas, not today, so I jumped out and locked the door (yes, I have one of those fancy cars with finger-powered locks). Ooops, the keys were still lying on the front seat with my mail. Hmmm. And I had accidentally left my cell phone at home because it was charging and not in its usual cubby hole. I hated to disturb Dean at work, but he had the only other key. I put 50 cents in the slot of a pay phone and hit the jackpot: Dean answered even though it was an unidentified number! I offered to buy him an iced cappuccino if he would come out to the bank. Then I told him my sad story and he started to laugh, and then he laughed louder, and then I could tell that he just thought it was the funniest thing he had heard all day. He promised to show up within a half hour or so, and I again realised that I have the best husband in the world.

I walked to a grocery store to pick up a few things and some time later (I have no idea how long, I had forgotten to wear my watch as well), Dean sneaked up behind me at the self-serve check-out and tried to frighten me. Haha, didn't work this time! He then drove me and my loot back to the Echo and unlocked it. He was smiling the whole way, happy to be out of the office and with me. I don't mind being comic relief at all. Perhaps it is a spiritual gift.

This is some frisky fruit on my kitchen table.

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