Saturday, June 16, 2007

my habitat and me

I am listening to my bug zapper doing its work outside as I write this. We have a lot of mosquitoes in our yard due to being on the edge of a bush and having some standing water to the rear of our property. Some thoughtful friends gave Dean a bug zapper for his birthday and we installed it today.

The world is a friendly place at times for us humans, but at other times, it seems rather hostile and we must protect ourselves from it. Shelter is one of the primary needs of people in intemperate climates and we spend most of our income on our elaborate shelters. I am spending a month improving my shelter because we deem it a worthy investment.

What does God deem a worthy investment? What does he choose to spend himself on? Jesus spent himself on mankind, not because mankind is the central figure of history and had to be redeemed in order for the story to end well, but because God IS and his character will always shine through, no matter how we distort it or mar our godly image. God so loved the world not because we are lovable but because HE IS LOVE. He is building HIS kingdom, not merely a shelter for humanity.

I was reading some posts on a religion forum today and both atheists and religious people assumed that this world was created or evolved in order to accommodate mankind and his needs. How arrogant and Adamic of us to think that this world was and is here now in order to make things work out better for us. Let me never forget who the main character is in my story - the ONE whose character is at the foundation of the world.

This is my arm after a bout of sanding and a quick hand wash.

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