Wednesday, June 20, 2007


God has been speaking to me today about delight. My ponderances often turn to trying to sort out the mysteries of faith and life. Too often I trudge through my tasks looking only for completion. My prayers are frequently sprinkled with yearnings and cries and questions.

Let today be a day in which I delight in this God who has found me and makes every little thing about my life a joyous gift.

Here are a few suggestions to get in the mode of delight:
1. Eat something most yummy (see the picture of my homemade blueberry pie and ice cream), preferably something you took the time to make yourself.
2. Get into a room alone, turn up the music, and DANCE till feeling silly feels normal.
3. Make someone laugh.
4. Read Phillipans 4:4 (in the amplified version preferably) as loudly as you would yell at a soccer match.
5. Go up to several people that you know and whisper in their ear a secret about how you have always admired them for a certain thing.
6. Ask someone to tickle you and giggle away.
7. Look in the mirror and tell God what you like about yourself.
8. Lie down in your bed and list 25 things in the room that make you happy.
9. Sit outside in silence and just take in the slice of the world that God made that is right in front of you.
10. Stand outside a restaurant or a flower garden or a laundromat and smell wonderful smells.

Make up your own delightful moments.

1 comment:

jaclyn said...

another fantastic post! I shall be sure to do at least a few of those things (Its night time in TO, so i don't think i'll be strolling down to any nearby flower gardens or laundromats atm)I could put the dryer on in the laundry room and stand outside the window though.....

all the others sounds promising!