Monday, February 19, 2007

things I want

This is a picture I took of one of my friends' plants beside the pool after a summer rain. I like pools and sometimes wish I had one so that I could learn to swim properly, but it is nice to have friends that let you come over to use theirs and offer free swimming lessons as well!
On Saturday, I spent several hours online and on the phone trying to get tickets to see The Police when they come to Montreal in July. It was something Dean really wanted to go to and another friend had asked me to get him a ticket as well, so I thought it would be a rather simple thing to call the box office or go online and purchase a few tickets of my choice. How wrong was I! The Police have not played together in ages, so the concerts were selling out very fast. After the first hour of not being able to log onto the ticket site, I realised that all my efforts might be in vain. However, I determined not to get all stressed out about it and continued to click and wait and dial the constantly busy box office number while doing laundry and tidying up after weekend guests. Dean had given up helping me after the first hour and said it was a hopeless case. I wasn't about to give up that fast and asked God to please help me secure some tickets because it would mean so much to Dean and my friend. I know God didn't have to do it, it was just a want, a desire, nothing necessary or even important like healing, but it was something that would bring joy to those I loved, so I asked God to release some tickets to me if he thought it was the right thing to do. I got through on the website not long after that and it offered me 3 tickets behind the stage. *Frown* Not exactly what I was hoping for. I ran downstairs to ask Dean if sitting behind the stage was acceptable and he told me just to buy whatever I could get. However, by the time I returned to my computer, that window was frozen and I could not get anywhere with an order. Sigh.
So I kept pointing and clicking and not too long after that, 4 tickets just to the left of centre, near the back, and at a very reasonable price, appeared on my screen. *Yes!* I proceeded to accept and order and give my Visa number and was very excited that nothing had frozen up on the overloaded website in the process. Then it gave me a screen to print, but as I moved the laptop to plug in the printer, the power cable came undone and the screen went black. *Noooooo!* Nothing I did pulled anything back up on the screen and I didn't know if I had successfully completed the process or not. I went to the other computer and checked my email, holding my breath and there it was, a CONFIRMATION of 4 tickets purchased. YES!
Unfortunately, the other friends that were also trying to get tickets that day were unsuccessful in their attempt. I have no idea where those 4 tickets came from when just minutes before the best available seats were behind the stage, and I don't believe that God likes me any more than any of my other friends, or that he always gives us everything we want, but I do believe that when you ask and leave the answer up to him, you will always get what he deems best. Thank you, God, for Police tickets and friends' swimming pools and 5 senses that can enjoy things like music and beauty and water.
Delight in him. He delights in you.

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