Thursday, February 15, 2007


This afternoon, I spent 1.5 hours shovelling the lovely precipita-tion we know as snow. It was so windy that I could only shovel in one direction if I wanted to make any progress at all. My nephew insisted that this was a good workout and he is correct, though I prefer a warm basement or gym and not -20 degree (-33 with windchill) weather. After it was done, I couldn't help but look outside every 20 minutes or so, admiring the fine job I did that made room for 3 cars.
I spent most of my day in preparation mode today (we have weekend guests) and though everything I did will probably have to be done again within a few days, I try never to begrudge it, for one of the greatest privileges I have is preparing for people who come to my home. Jesus said he was going to prepare a home for us, and the least I can do is follow his example for those he brings my way.
What are you preparing for?

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