Wednesday, February 07, 2007

irrational FEARS

I was thinking today about fears and how many irrational ones I have had and still sometimes let visit my brain for varying periods of time. -- Oh, this is a picture of one of the myriad of seagulls on the fishing pier in San Francisco on a rainy, overcast Friday (January 26, 2007) and has nothing to do with this post, unless of course you have a phobia about seagulls. -- Let me list a few of these irrational fears because doing that always seems to solidify their ludicrousality (not sure that is a word, but it sounds rather daunting so let me make up another one to go with it) and phantomise their power to grip me.

1. I will never have another creative idea after this one.
2. Some of my best friends will stop liking me for no particular reason.
3. I have no idea what I am doing and someday someone other than me will realise that.
4. I will go over to someone's house and the only thing they offer me to eat will be seafood and other things that make me gag.
5. When I get on stage in a play, I will miss my cues and not know my lines.
6. No one really likes what I write.
7. When people come to me for help, I will have nothing to offer - not a word, not any advice, not a prayer, nothing.
8. When a great opportunity comes by, I will freeze and not grab it just because I am indecisive or unsure.
9. Dean will die and I won't know where to go or be able to make a living.
10. Snakes will get inside my house and chase me.
11. I might choke on something when I am eating.
12. While traveling on public transportation, I will not have access to food or drink when I really need it.
13. Just because a room is dark, someone is probably lurking in it.

Okay, before I freak out totally, let me remind myself (and you) that I can trust God to take very good care of me and if I am worried about anything, I can ask him to help me and he always does. Amen.

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