Monday, August 02, 2010

inspire (breathe in)

I am doing an online course in spiritual formation. We studied inspiration last week: what breathes life into us? The following is based on an assignment I wrote on that topic.

I love standing outside and watching planes fly overhead (did that 5 minutes ago – YES!!); It makes me think of adventure and being an explorer.
I love walking, running, jumping, and skipping.
I love breathing, stretching, and the feel of clean water on my body.
I especially love mountains and oceans; they make my heart burst with their immensity and raw, unstoppable beauty. I love being small next to them.
I love watching little bugs. Their wee, tiny legs move so fast and they cover so much ground.
I love touching soft fur and rough elephant skin.
I love drinking chai tea and sitting close to Dean. Comfort.
I love moments of silence when I am just a part of the universe without trying to impress anyone.
I love time and the splashes of flavour that squirt from it as it passes.
I love being able to hear and see and smell and taste.
I love the touch of another person’s hands in healing care, so I love going to the dentist and the doctor.
I love going to the bathroom because it is cleansing, like confession.
I love not having to worry and just going with the flow of letting Jesus be in charge.
I love creative, quirky, misunderstood people.
I love the authenticity of someone singing words they believe and live.
I love thinking and reading in the quiet. I also love shouting and dancing.
I love the unexpected. Boo!
I love moving from one house to another. It helps me clear out all the old stuff I don't need anymore and gives me a blank canvas on which to paint, "HOME!"
I love walking on the beach. Ocean is endlessness I can hear.
I love sitting in front of the fireplace.
I love phone calls from people I don’t know.
I love learning. A present in every day.
I love helping people in transition. Not everyone loves change as much as I do, so I try to lighten their load.
I love having conversations with God. He is very interesting and smart. Funny on occasion, too.
I love Church; she is beautiful. So much potential.
I love the me that Jesus made.
I love Life. He breathes into me every second of the day, whether I am aware of it or not.
This is a picture of insubstantial me running around on the beach in Hawaii while the camera does a slow exposure night shot. Probably not the best composition with a crooked palm tree, fire torch, and a garbage can all vying for the centre of the attention, but I like it. Makes me smile!

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Shelley said...

I love matte downey's authenticity in her writing. she inpires me.

and matte I love bird by is hitting me in so many important and healing and challenging ways, i can't even tell you.
most of the time I want to laugh and cry.
thanks for the recommendation or i might not have done it.