Wednesday, April 07, 2010

10 good distractions

I make lists of things that I need to do every day. This breaking down of huge tasks into Matte-size bites is one of the ways I keep from being overwhelmed by the largeness of life. I have developed pretty good habits in order to stay focused and meet deadlines. One of those important habits is to take time for beautiful distractions. They inspire me, they feed my soul, they bring joy, they grow gratitude, and miraculously, never mess up the schedule beyond repair.

Here are 10 of my favourite distractions:

1. Going for a walk: in the park, around the block, on the beach, to the store, anywhere and anytime there is always something interesting to be seen and I am just so thrilled to be able to walk and yeah, I occasionally break into a run!
2. Playing with the cat: she purrs, rubs herself against me, chases things and is just so darn cute and fun. Sometimes messy and grouchy, but aren't we all? She is a smaller, furrier, stupider version of me, I think. Aww, she is peeking out at me from behind a chair as I write this.
3. Watching the planes fly over my house: it makes me think of exciting places to go and keeps me from looking at my small world all day. I like to wave just in case someone is looking out their tiny window and hoping for a friendly person. Oh, and maybe someday I will learn to fly!
4. Eating a bowl of popcorn: there is only one thing better than popcorn and that is watermelon. Eating any kind of fruit, really, is a great distraction. Chips are right up there as good for your soul as well. I think I will have some right now!
5. Sending an email or a text to a friend just to let them know I am thinking about them: many times they have no idea why I am sending them some random words that make very little sense, but it is usually because my heart is full of love for them and I just need to type some letters to let it out!
6. Calling Dean to tell him a joke or play a trick on him: he always figures out it is me, btw, and rarely gets embarrassed, but I keep trying. I do like to make my man laugh!
7. Watching a music video on youtube: some good jazz or funk, or some heartfelt worship, some music that speaks to the soul.
8. Singing a spontaneous song: why say it when you can sing it? Mostly the cat and Dean get to hear these masterpieces, but something inside me grows confident when I do this! Don't know why, but it doesn't matter. I keep singing!
9. Talking to God about something I can't figure out: sometimes I combine this with #1. He has the ability to calm me down when I am freaking out and comes up with the most creative solutions ever. He is also good at listening and encouraging. What I like is his ability to cut right to the heart of a matter. He also makes me warm and fuzzy inside and feel safe.
10. Dropping everything in order to help someone: this is usually the most challenging one, but the most rewarding as well. My schedule and list are often shot to bits, but wow, it dials my self-centredness down to 1 or 2! And in return, my life is changed as well. Gratitude and joy jump all over this one!

There are many more I could give you, but now I have to get back to my homework. Writing this blog has been #11. Enjoy! I sure did!

This picture was taken on a walk to the point in Waikiki. I wish I had taken this walk more than once.

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