Saturday, April 25, 2009



For: The Institute of Contemporary And Emerging Worship Studies, St. Stephen's University, Essentials Green Online Worship Values Course with Dan Wilt

The trinitarian nature of the Godhead fascinates and puzzles me. It is like a prism or multidimensional sculpture that one cannot take in all at once, but every time you look, you catch a different angle. And so I keep looking and moving closer and catching new glimpses of this God who is unlike anything or anyone that I know. One. Three. One. Hard to describe. Virtually impossible not to be challenged and changed and loved by Him, if one is up for it.

For my final project for Essentials Green, I painted something inspired by my studies on the trinity this year, both in this online course and in my theology classes in university. I turned the video camera on and started painting, not sure exactly what I would come up with. It turned out to be an afternoon of joyful and playful creation. Sticks, fingers, knives, apples, and paint all joined together in a splash of worship. Fun! I wanted some music to go with the video, so I headed over to my keyboard, hit record on the computer, and the soundtrack you hear is what came out on the first take.

When I immerse myself in the creative process, I often feel God's pleasure. May you feel the pleasure of the Father today when you do that which he made you to do. Enjoy!


Mark Grosz said...

Hi Matte,

Very nice! I enjoyed watching the painting come to life and especially the addition of the apples! I loved the strings and the dancing! Joy! Very cool!

Mark (Essentials Green)

Joel Limpic said...

hey matte,

loved the video... super fun to watch the creative process through.

thanks for sharing!!

joel limpic

ps: i forgot to mention in my first post that i really liked the painting as well. the apples were beautiful additions!!

Kristi said...

Hey Matte, I knew yours was going to be creative from the last project. I enjoyed watching you create the painting. Very cool idea!
Thanks, Kristi Rundvall

Heather said...

I loved watching the creative favorite part: the flower dancing followed by you dancing. It cemented something deep within...something about being fully alive and fully loved by the Trinity. Thanks. I hope you continue to post your creative overflows long after essentials is over.