Saturday, May 17, 2008


I had this great idea yesterday. I have started packing some of our stuff in preparation for moving and discovered a few things I had borrowed from people and need to return because I don't want to move other people's stuff. That would be silly. And then I thought, but I won't ask for any of my stuff back that I have lent to others until after I move because that's a few items I don't have to lug from one location to the next. And then, voila, or voici, a bright light went on inside my mind! Why, I could lend out almost everything I own just before my moving date, and then simply ask for people to bring it back just after I move into our new location. Absolutely brilliant! No need to move much at all, really. Just lend things at strategic times. Something like juggling bowling is not like you actually hold those heavy spheres at all, they are virtually weightless because most of the time they are in the air!

Okay, it is late and I need to go to bed, but if this still makes sense tomorrow, I shall be making a giant list of things available for borrowing in the next month. Anyone need 2 couches and 3 beds and some giant shelves for a day?

This is Dean's crab tree in our front yard - we are sorry to leave it behind.

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Shelley said...

ha ha.. that is a late night idea...and the best moving plan I have come across yet. :)