Wednesday, May 14, 2008

activities from a hat

I just got back from our weekly church home group. Once a month we do a NITE OUT which is basically a fun evening where we get out of the house setting and do stuff together. Tonight I planned something I call "Activities From a Hat." It ended up being activities from a plastic bag, due to my not bringing a hat, but it was one of the most memorable, funnest, deep and silly evenings I have had in awhile. Perhaps you want to try this at home. Just list a bunch of random activities, toss them in a hat, have different members of the group pick out slips of paper one at a time, and do each activity as a team before going on to the next one. Fun! Scary! Challenging! Profound! Revealing! Here were tonight's activities:

1. Give one reason why you like Montreal (insert your city of residence here).
2. Do a happy dance in a public place.
3. Exchange an article of clothing with a team member for the evening.
4. Do not break any laws tonight. If you do, you must make a donation to the church. (Jaywalking is a big thing in Montreal, but we managed to walk around all evening without doing it once!)
5. Find an open space and RUN!
6. Honesty challenge: for each person in the group, name one thing you admire about them and one thing they could improve on (this is tougher than it sounds).
7. Eat something yummy (we ended up in a Turkish restaurant).
8. Name your biggest fear at this moment and have the group give you practical suggestions to overcome it.
9. Sit down and people watch. Pick one person and pray for them without letting them know.
10. Send a postcard to someone you miss.
11. Offer to pay for a stranger.

This is me in Cabot Square in Montreal, doing a happy dance. Photo credit to Jana.

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dougfloyd said...

Great ideas Matte. Thanks!