Wednesday, August 29, 2007

things gone wrong...and right

1. I left the house at 7:00 am and forgot to account for traffic so missed the train I meant to take downtown to keep a 9:00 am appointment and had to wait for the next one.
2. While waiting, I realised I had neglected to get exact change so could not buy a ticket for the train from the machine and had to approach a kind fellow commuter to buy a ticket from them.
3. After I got off the train and made my connection to the subway, I realised I was heading the wrong way so I got off at the next stop and retraced my steps.
4. I exited one stop early in the hopes that it would save me time because I reasoned I would be walking towards my destination instead of passing it in the subway and backtracking. Alas, the walk was just longer that way and actually cost me time.
NEVERTHELESS, I arrived at my appointment at 8:58 am much to my amazement! It appeared that God had surely bent time in order to accommodate me, or at least it felt like it, as I had been asking him to get me there on time the whole way. Sometimes I am ill prepared, sometimes I make the wrong decisions, sometimes I just can't seem to get it right, often I forget important things; and yet, God seems to care more about the fact that I am heading in the right direction than how much I falter or how awkward and halting the journey is. Let me develop a grace this generous such as God extended to me today.
This is a building in the McGill ghetto, taken while Zac and I were hunting for housing for him on Monday night.

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