Saturday, August 25, 2007

Quebec = P W G P

I just returned from a brief trip to visit friends in New Brunswick. It was too short and involved too much driving and I am too short on sleep right now, but it was a great trip and I am glad I went.

When I crossed back into Quebec yesterday afternoon, I started thinking about what living in Quebec means to me. Immediately a phrase ran through my head and it was, "This is a place where God provides." And I know that to be true. It has not been easy for us to live here as anglophones; the politics and bureaucracy and taxation get to you sometimes and living in a secular society takes some getting used to. I used to warn people about some of the challenges they would face when coming to live here, but I now realise that I was seeing things from an inadequate and decidedly negative perspective. This is a place where God provides. It is a place where you are invited to get to know God as your provider. That means that all the things you are used to relying on to provide stability and strength and success in your life will probably fail you at some point. The worst thing you can do is be disappointed in God when that happens and run away from him. The best thing you can do is to toss aside those flimsy props that you were trying to build your life upon and stand on the only solid and sure thing in this world - Jesus.

This is a scenic spot near Plaster Rock, New Brunswick.

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Deborah said...

Thank you for your words here. "The place where God provides" can be a particular place physically, or even a period of time we find ourselves in. Your words come at a time when I need to be reminded of this in particular circumstances. (We live in France, and I identify with your frustrations there!)