Thursday, August 13, 2009

thank you A-Z

Just for fun, I thought I would name 26 things I am thankful for today, alphabetically, of course.

A - air. I like having plenty of it all around me all the time. Cool stuff!
B - breathing. It happens all day and all night without supervision, keeping me alive.
C - clothes. I have clean clothes to wear every morning, and most of them look good on me.
D - dreams. Awake or asleep, I love thinking about things that are bigger than me.
E - exercise. My body was made to move! I love to walk and run and jump.
F - feet. They take me lots of places every day, what would I do without them?
G - gas. I just ate fresh pineapple followed by cream of carrot soup. Bad mix, but nothing that a good belch didn't fix!
H - hair. It covers my pointy head and gives me a reason to buy nice smelling shampoo.
I - iced coffee. I had a medium one from Tim Hortons on this hot and sunny day...mmmmm!
J - Jazz the cat. She follows me around and purrs loudly when I pet her. Nice to come home to.
K - Karen my osteopath. My back was hurting pretty bad after I fell down the stairs a few weeks ago and she did me right. I didn't even think about my back today!
L - love. I would be a mess without it.
M - me. I like what God put in me.
N - names. How would I know what to call people if they didn't have names?
O - outside. I like being able to go outside without putting on a jacket.
P - pockets. They hold cell phones and kleenexes and important notes.
Q - quiet. I like to think and read and write in the quiet.
R - roof. It keeps me dry during the rain and in the shade on a hot day.
S - sweat. Just a little something to keep the body cool on a summer day.
T - transportation. The bus and the subway get me all around town. I love it!
U - up. Can you imagine a world without up? It inspires me and keeps me humble.
V - voice. I love to sing and talk to people. That way they don't have to read my mind.
W - washing. Almost anything can be fixed by washing it.
X - one of the letters in a very nice email someone wrote to me today.
Y - yawn. How else do you know when to go to bed?
Z - zillions of blades of grass which make the earth fun to walk on.

Try it yourself if you like. This is the harbour at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.

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