Wednesday, March 11, 2009

picture taking

I have been told that I have the ability to see things in a unique way, which is why I can take some fine pictures. I am able to blot out all the busyness around me in order to see an important and interesting part of life. And by taking a picture of it, I am able to single out these rare moments and show others the things that capture me, that grab my attention, that speak to me of beauty and strength and life.

Dean was speaking this past Sunday at our gathering about using the gift God has given you, and one of the verses he read struck me right in the solar plexus: "...some of us recognize when God's Spirit is present." from I Corinthians 12:10, The Message. Most of the other translations of this particular passage in scripture say something about the discerning of spirits, but phrased like this, I saw it in a new and very relevant way. Yes, I have the ability to see God in situations. I can feel him very near in a tangible way at times; I can sense when there is increased activity in the spiritual realm (often times it comes as a cold shiver or abrupt jerk as if something surprised me); and most importantly (I think), I can find God's living presence and activity in almost any place and any time if I but stop and look for it.

This really is a gift, and I have tried to take care to cultivate and develop it to the best of my ability over the years. Many times I still feel very much ignorant of God's workings in this world of ours, but the "asking and listening and learning phase" is one I never grow tired of and will happily live in forever.

The challenge for me now is to be able to take pictures of where and how I see God at work and show them to people so that they can see them too. How does one do that? Perhaps I can explain it, maybe I can act it out, perhaps it is an attitude or posture that can be caught, or I might just grab someone and take them with me, encouraging them to participate in some action in order to see. I don't fully know how to take spiritual pictures so that others can see them, and I suppose the goal is to have people go there and experience it for themselves, but sometimes a picture is helpful. It says what words alone cannot and it invites people to go there because they have seen it. Now, they want to taste it.

This is the ferris wheel and one of the halls at the Old Port in Montreal, taken at Nuit Blanche. Movement and solidity side by side.

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coeuri said...

I just want to tell you how much your writing is painting pictures for my heart. I feel so connected to what your share.

Linda A