Monday, June 02, 2008


I just came back from 4 days of much sitting. There were two 10 hour drives and then 2.5 days of meetings squished in between them. Toss into the mix 2 short bunk beds and a few short nights and a silly sore throat this morning and no protein powder left in the house....well, you can perhaps see that things are not running at optimum performance today.

Actually, we had a fabulous trip to New Brunswick but it seems that today all I can write about are the tedious or annoying parts. Come on, soul, remember those things that made the past 4 days rich. What about all that glorious undivided attention from Dean? What about meeting up with old and new friends and talking and laughing and listening to bad jokes over yummy french toast or scalloped potatoes all served by the sweetest lady at the cafeteria? What about sharing the story of God's goodness in our lives these past few crazy months and hearing the echo of this come alive in others as well? What about hitting the Dairy Queen en mass after one meeting just because Dan needed some soft ice cream? What about standing beside friends and knowing you really are making a difference in their lives? What about being served fabulous waffles with blueberries in a beautiful century home by ones you welcomed to Montreal a few years ago as they made a big leap away from home? What about being provoked to get on with it in a most eloquent and gentle yet firm manner by someone you respect? What about playing and singing and dancing for joy just because I can? and I want to? What about notes and words and looks and hugs and all manner of encouragements received about my writing and thinking and straightforward manner of relating. What about the beautiful cold Atlantic ocean on a foggy day? What about the dark and moody misty mountains in Maine?

Ah, yes. I remember now.

These are the misty mountains of upstate Maine on Sunday afternoon.

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Shelley said...

I am jealous...I so miss Dan...