Thursday, September 27, 2007

seriously now

Sometimes I get a little confused. I take things too seriously that I should just shrug off and forget. And at other times I treat lightly those things that carry more weight than I realise. It is a question of priorities, I think, and also a certain amount of awareness that I need to cultivate.

Today I was presented with a few situations where I had to decide if this was something that merited being taken seriously or if it was something that could easily drain way more emotional and physical energy than it was worth. I made a few not entirely correct decisions, but after some rethinking and talking to God about it, I think my actions matched up with the priorites I am trying to pursue, and where there had been frustration, I felt a measure of grace and joy return. So let me summarise:

1. cats being slightly annoyed is not a serious thing.
2. a person needed a helping hand is to be taken very seriously.
3. finishing sweeping my floor is not in the top 10 list.
4. talking on the phone to a friend who has something on their mind is a priority.
5. crossing everything off my "to do" list is satisfying, but nonetheless, secondary.
6. making sure I consult God throughout my day and support people I love by praying for them is primary.
7. mercy triumphs over judgement.
8. peace and love and grace and forgiveness quickly conquer and negate any ill words or actions sent in my direction.

This is a bald eagle at the Ecomuseum giving me a serious glare.

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