Monday, July 16, 2007

the box

Last night over ribs and beers (okay, I was having neither ribs nor a beer, but that's beside the point), several of us were having a little talk as we ate a meal after church. One person was saying that as she was thinking of thinking outside the box, she realised that there is NO box. These boxes are all fabrications of our mind.
Two other people argued that there are certain laws (like gravity) and structures that are necessary for us to survive and be safe. Guess which side of the arguement I fell on? The NO BOX one, of course. My example is Jesus in all things, and he certainly was able to rise above the laws of the known universe (see walking on the water and raising folks from the dead) when he saw fit for they were subject to him, they served him. And he did not seem to hold that much esteem for the religious structures in place, not even familial ones (remember the 'hate your mother and father and follow me' part?). We have indeed perceived many structures where there are none and formulated laws that have no viable purpose when seen in the light of the kingdom of God.
All things are from him and for him and subject to him. There is no box, there is only God and what reflects his character will last and what does not, only gets in the way. What box are you looking out of?
This is a somewhat bored goalie from the soccer game near my house earlier this evening. I guess that means his team was winning.

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Shelley said...

gee i am soooo tired of being told that we need to 'think outside the box' by people who are discontented with things for unscrutable reasons. i should print this and stick it in their faces.