Wednesday, June 10, 2009

prayer from the ground

This was my prayer yesterday:

God, may the ditches of every lack and inadequacy in my life be filled in so that I stop falling into them.

Please scrape off the prickly bumps of jealousy and frustration and meanness that I wear and smooth them over with grace. I don't want those pointy things sticking out of my life anymore and hurting others.

Can you straighten out the detours that I have taken, and help me to start choosing wisely, no longer avoiding the direct paths of submission and love and obedience.

Father, I have ruts in my life, big ones, caverns caused by rejection that I cannot let go. Please pave over them and make my life a road where everyone can see the parade of God's salvation.

It seems that the only way I can prepare for your presence in my life is by your present and active assistance. Welcome.

(adapted from Luke 3:4-6 in The Message)

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