Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I have finished my French course and one would think that I should have more time for writing now, but alas, it seems I have pushed many of the tasks of everyday life to the side for the past two months and their nagging tugs and persistent pleas must now be heeded. There is a long list of correspondence and bills and projects and maintenance issues and appointments to address, but I am tackling it bit by bit. And my house is clean for the first time in weeks! woohoo!

Currently in our small home group gathering, we are tackling subjects that people have indicated they would like to not only learn more about, but get better at. Last week we talked about hearing God better, or being able to recognise that still small voice of wisdom. And then we practiced. We always practice what we are learning in these evenings, because that's the way you get better. Practice. Do it. Try. And then do it over and over.

Here are some points that I came up with on how to recognise the voice of God in your life, in whatever form it takes (inspired by Jonah):

1. it is loving

2. it requires faith

3. it puts you out of your comfort zone

4. it does not focus on you or your needs, but in bringing honour to God and in putting things right.

5. it is invitational - it invites you to step closer to God and what he is doing

6. it does not sound like YOU!

What are you hearing today?

This is the garden at the counseling centre where we used to meet as a church. Taken on the day we moved out of the place.


Shelley said...

HI Matte

not sure I agree with number 4 or at least the way that you put it...Jesus usually does talk to me about my needs, putting things back into perspective and reminding me of who He is for me. Then I can live from a place of strength and security with authenticity. Or maybe it is that I talk to him about my needs, and he always answers me.


Matte Downey said...

I hear what you are saying, Shelley. Yes, I often come to God with my needs and he is there to give me answers and fill those empty spaces. But what I am saying here is that this relationship is not focused on me. I am not at the centre. Everything must point to Jesus - it cannot become some self-serving faith. And yet, it is some wondrous mystery that God takes glory from dealing with humans like you and me.