Friday, August 27, 2004


The cats woke me up at 5 am to remind me that breakfast was a mere 4 hours away and I must be sure not to miss this important event. There is something to be said for is a persistent master.

Imagine your life without any pangs of emptiness to remind you to eat and no parched throat to make you reach for that glass of water. Come to think of it, what if there were no yawns and droopy eyelids to urge you to sleep, no bloated bladder to rush you to the bathroom for relief, no shivers and chills to ensure you put on a jacket and boots in winter, and no sharp pain to make you pull your hand away from the fire. All these sensations, some of them not the most pleasant, serve their keep the body whole, healthy, functioning, growing, and alive.

I am forgetful. I forget to pray, I forget to make an effort to be kind, I forget to be thankful, I forget to repent, I forget to ask for miracles, and most often, I forget that God is really, really, truly in control and has promised to take very good care of me. Have you ever experienced an emptiness in your soul, a desire for brighter colors in the world around you, an ache for love, a ridiculous urge to be generous or show kindness to a stranger, or a need to sit and be still? These are spiritual hungers and thirsts; big and little reminders that are meant to drive me to action that will feed my spirit, that will change the atmosphere around me, and will ultimately result in infusing me with true life.

The cats got their breakfast at 8:53am, 7 minutes early, partly because I was tired of the meowing in my ear and the endless pacing past my head, but I must admit, to a large extent because I admired their relentless detemination not to miss out. Thanks to Jazz and Tea for being my reminders today.

What are YOU hungry for?

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